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July 6, 2017

Scot Byrd took his wife, Millie, to the Mall of Louisiana to get her official response to the food at Crispy Catch!  (She loves fish, hushpuppies, & fries).  The verdict is in.....  WOO-HOO!!!  Really good!  


June 30th was the "Covfefe Cookout".  Covfefe means "secret festival".  Fefe from the Cajun word for festival and Cov from covert.   Everyone in the QUAD ONE PLAZA had a great time.  


The BBI Architects' staff joined our neighbors from Covalent Logic, Funderburk & Butler Law Firm, Cassidy Turley Real Estate and ATB Services - as well as a few friends of the firm.  What a great way to kick off the Independence Day weekend!


CRISPY CATCH - Coming Soon!

March 28, 2017

The Mall of Louisiana will soon enjoy a new culinary treat!  This thin fried catfish is so delicious, other restaurants are going to be complaining how the Crispy Catch is catching all the business!

The "Tackle Box" is our personal favorite!  But the fish tacos are fantastic, too!  I want to buy those boudin balls and "corn bobbers" by the box!


You can learn more about Crispy Catch by going to their website, here.


Retail Plaza with Rotolo's Restaurant

November 21, 2016

Working with the owner of Rotolo's has been a real pleasure!  Mitch Rotolo has been very successful in building an excellent chain of restaurants that bear his family's name.


In this particular case, Mitch has decided to build the entire plaza where his restaurant will be the centerpiece of the retail center!


This will be a uniquely attractive retail center located close to the LSU campus, where the Rotolo's story really began!  There is already a long list of potential tenants vying for the opportunity to house their business at this location in this great looking 17,000 SF retail center.

BBI Architects worked closely with Mitch Rotolo and his director of marketing, Christina Bourg in setting the stage for this new location.  This location will be a showcase of the newest ideas in taking the next step in the Rotolo's brand!


You can learn more about Rotolo's by going to their website, here.

Video of the ground breaking ceremony for the new Retail Plaza with the Rotolo's Restaurant.

Some renderings of some of the interior design package, courtesy of our friends at Domain Architecture.

Don Dauzat, Project Manager

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Click on photo for more images

Click on photo for more images



BBI Architects Welcomes Don Dauzat

November 1, 2016

The creative staff at BBI Architects is once again a little larger!


Don Dauzat has joined our team!  Don is a very experienced architect with over 11 years experience at his previous firm.  Don has a great deal of experience in the healthcare sector and also experience in restaurants, including Smoothie King and CC's Coffee.


Don has a passion for planning and creating "sustainable living communities".  Don knows how to lead a project team, conceptualize solutions specifically for the client's needs and coordinate consultants to get the job done!

We feel very fortunate to have a gentleman with Don's expertise join our team.  Welcome Don!


You can learn more about Don by going to his staff page  (click here).



South Louisiana Historic Flood

August 12, 2016

On August 12, 2016, South Louisiana experienced one of the most catastrophic floods in history.

The BBI Architects team escaped largely unscathed, although many of our households have grown larger helping family & friends.


Our team has committed itself to working OT and doing whatever it takes to help our existing clients and new clients get back on their feet!  Our experience in creating and managing the disaster response program for a major national restaurant chain has us well prepared to assist those in need!

For information on recovery tools, please visit our flood recovery page (click here).

Louisiana Restaurant Association Expo

New Orleans

August 6, 2016

Scot and Brent will lead the opening presentation at the Louisiana Restaurant Association Expo in New Orleans.

This is the largest gathering of restaurants and food service professionals in the Gul South region each year.  We are proud to be invited to speak and share our thoughts for the 4th consecutive year.


Some of our previous presentations were:

2015 - "What's Hot!!! in Restaurant Design"

2014 - "So, you want to grow your restaurant brand/concept, ... well, you need to know this!"

Lasseigne's American Grill - Baton Rouge

December 3, 2015

Presently under construction, opening soon!


We are always excited to help out a good friend!  David and Karen Hayden have been longtime friends of BBI Architects.  Lasseigne's American Grill is their newest business venture!  We were proud to play a part in the design of their new restaurant.


This is going to be a really nice place to have a nice business lunch or meeting.  Excellent and creative menu at affordable prices.  Located in a very high traffic location in Baton Rouge, they are going to be very successful.

Dairi-O's Retaurant - Clemmons, North Carolina

Aug 21, 2015

Here a few pictures of a very successful regional chain in North Carolina we are proud to be working with!


A first class environment for a first class operator that specializes in traditional American fair, good old hot dogs and hamburgers, with some other other great items.  Everything Dairi-O serves is simply delicious!  The design of the building speaks for itself!


The owners played an important role in the design of this restaurant and we are proud to be their architect.  What a great collaboration!

Louisiana Restaurant Association

Food Service Expo Presentation

"What's Hot in Restaurant Design"

New Orleans, Louisiana

Aug 5, 2015


Once again, Brent and Scot were invited back to speak at the Louisiana Restaurant Association on restaurant design and branding.


Last years presentation was, "So, you want to grow your brand/concpet... then you need to know this!"


The communications director tells me our presentations are some of the most well attended and receive some of the highest approval ratings from attendees. 


We're honored to be invited to speak and that we have a great reputation as restaurant architects here in Louisiana.


BBI Architects President Brent Bueche Quoted in Magazine Article

July 23, 2015

When "Restaurant design + development" magazine was looking for experts in restaurant design, it was no surprise that one of their choices was Brent Bueche, president of BBI Architects.  Here is a great article on how to design an excellent restaurant and keep in mind the needs of the mobility challenged.  Nice article by contributing editor Amanda Baltazar.


Shelley's Donuts

May 22, 2015

One of the most rewarding things in restaurant design is helping that entrepreneur with their very first location.  Balancing a professional appearance with a limited budget is very typical and a fun challenge!  The donuts are fabulous, Daniel!  Best of luck to you!!!