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IHOP | International House of Pancakes, Inc.




International House of Pancakes, Inc. Mike Khani, Gulfport Ms.




Build a new 3400 sf restaurant to replace an existing restaurant wiped off the map by hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf coast.




To design one of the first new structures on the Mississippi Gulf Coast after hurricane Katarina devastated the region.


We were charged with designing the new restaurant based on I Hop’s prototypical building, however, the new prototype was larger than the original structure. The new building had to fit on the original site that was already a little small for parking needs of the original restaurant.


The new building was required to be 15’ above the ground (due to storm surge concerns) and the structure needed to provide for full access to the public and be convenient for deliveries.


The new structure had to be designed to be hurricane and storm surge resistant. There was the challenge of obtaining a building permit while building codes and development restrictions were being rewritten on regular basis.




The first task at hand was to simplify the prototypical building so that it could be raised on a relatively simple post and beam foundation. The new layout had to maintain the same functional layout of the kitchen and service areas and provide the same number of seats as the prototype. We were able to accomplish this by adding to and modifying a second floor area and carefully shift the building masses so that the building was essentially a rectangle in plan. The building was also narrowed and shifted on the site in order to add additional parking.

We were able to add a wrap-around exterior deck thereby increasing the seat count and providing connection points for new exterior stairs and ramps. An interior elevator/stair tower (with breakaway walls) was also added for the convenience of the public.